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Makes tweezing easy and effortless - Made from the finest stainless steel, they have perfectly aligned tips - Ultra bright LED light for great visibility - Chic carrying case with a built-in magnifying mirror - Made from CRYSTALLIZED TM-Swarovski Components

Soak off LED/UV gel can be applied directly on natural nails and offers the durability and possibilities that only gel can offer. The advantage of gel is, for instance, that it beautifully spreads evenly and smoothly. Soak off LED/UV gel is cured under a UV lamp, and it allows you to keep a natural nail polish look for two to four weeks. Demo: see movie below.
Brazilian straightening keratin treatment.

Brasilissima is a new smoothing treatment based on keratin which reconstitues hair and provides the necessary properties to regenerate damaged hair. It removes frizziness and curls from the hair, adding spectacular shine and a silky texture. The hair is smooth, soft, rejuvenated, strong , full of life and hydrated for three to four months. Brasilissima does not contain substances that are harmful to humans and can be applied to any type of hair.

The treatment has been formalated without using formaldehyde.
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See how Sibel Nails products give you a perfect French manicure using gel … how to skilfully place the Sibel Tips … or how to extend your nails without placing tips, using the sculpting nail technique … all in a matter of minutes. You can view, review and download the three videos. Click the link of the technique you wish to see up close and discover Sibel Nails.